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India: Tropical Cyclone: 2024/05/26 Country Information on DRR

Period 2024/05/26
Country or District India
Event Type Tropical Cyclone
Outline Tropical storm REMAL made landfall over the border area between India and Bangladesh on 26 May 2024, with maximum sustained winds of 111 km/h. Very heavy rainfall, strong winds, storm surges and floods affected the area, causing 6 people dead and 150,000 people displaced in India.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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ECHO 2024/05/29
Media report, as of 29 May, a total of 54 fatalities, of which 44 in India and 10 across Bangladesh.

ECHO 2024/05/28
As of 28 May, ten casualties are reported across southern Bangladesh and six more in the West Bengal state (India). Around 800,000 are displaced across Bangladesh and 150,000 in India. Approximately 3.75 million of affected people in both countries.