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India : Flood : 2020/07

GLIDE:  FL-2020-000164-IND

Duration 2020/07
Country or District India
Name Flood
Outline Continuous monsoon rainfall has been affecting several parts of India, leading to an increasing number of fatalities and damage. The Ministry of Home Affairs Disaster Management Division (NDMI), reported 183 fatalities across four States (Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Karnataka).
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Ministry of Home Affairs of India 2020/07/19
Dead: 464
Missing: 5
No of Affected: 5,962,803
No of Injured: 99
Fully damaged houses: 1,924
Partially damaged houses: 15,310
Unknown: 182
Ministry of Home Affairs of India 2020/07/14
Dead: 413
Missing: 10
No of Affected: 6,566,337
No of Injured: 100
Fully damaged houses: 2,563
Partially damaged houses: 17,930

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Ministry of Home Affairs of India 2020/07/19
Situation report as on 19th July 2020 at 1900 Hrs

Ministry of Home Affairs of India 2020/07/14
Situation report as on 14th July 2020 at 2000 Hrs.

ECHO 2020/07/09
Rain and widespread flooding due to the Southwest Monsoon continue to affect most of the States of India. The death toll reached 396 people across 11 States, mainly in central, western, and eastern parts of the country.


International Charter 2020/07/15
Flood in India