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Haiti: Hurricane: 2008/10/05 Country Information on DRR

Period 2008/10/05
Country or District Haiti
Event Type Hurricane
Outline The death toll from a string of hurricanes and tropical storms in Haiti has risen to nearly 800 people, an official with the Haitian Red Cross says.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/10/06
As of 1 October 2008, according to an update from the Government of Haiti, tropical storms have affected 165,337 families, resulted in 548 injured, 793 deaths and 310 missing persons. In addition, 22,702 houses were totally and 84,625 were partially damaged.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/10/05
Hurricane Ike pushed up the death toll in storm-battered Haiti by at least 70, on top of more than 600 killed in the weeks before by Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Gustav. 2008/10/05
Death toll from Haiti storms nearly 800

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