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Guatemala : Tropical Depression : 2011/10/12

GLIDE:  TC-2011-000157-GTM

Duration 2011/10/12
Country or District Guatemala
Name Tropical Depression
Outline Tropical Depression 12-E entered Guatemala on 12 October 2011 and has seriously affected 14,000 individuals due to heavy rains.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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UN Country Team Guatemala 2011/11/14
Updated reports indicate: Dead 39 Injured 18 Missing 4 Affected 309,110 Sheltered 2,675 Official shelters 32.

AFP 2011/10/16
28 people were reported dead and two others were missing in Guatemala.

UN Country Team in Guatemala 2011/10/13
More than 2,106 persons took refuge in 23 shelters and there have been 15 deaths.

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OCHA ReliefWeb 2011/10/17
Tropical Depression 12-E (As of 17 Oct 2011)