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Argentina : Heavy rain, flood : 2013/04/01

GLIDE:  ST-2013-000035-ARG

Duration 2013/04/01
Country or District Argentina
Name Heavy rain, flood
Outline Heavy rains in Buenos Aires province have killed more than 40 people and left more than 3,000 displaced.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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AFP 2013/04/07
\"More than 350,000 of our neighbors were affected directly or indirectly by the storm, which caused 2.6 billion pesos (five billion dollars) in damage,\" according to a press release by the Telam government news agency.

AFP 2013/04/04
The number of deaths from record rains and flooding in Argentina climbed to 59, officials said as they searched for about 20 people still missing.

AFP 2013/04/03
Massive flooding killed 54 people in and around Buenos Aires, Argentine officials said Wednesday, 3 April 2013.

Geographycal Data Information

Government of Argentina 2013/04/04
Argentina: Areas affected by the storm (as of 2 April 2013)

OCHA 2013/04/04
Argentina: Severe Local Storm, location map (as of 4 April 2013)