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China : Land Slide : 2005/05/09
GLIDE: LS-2005-000071-CHN  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2005/05/09
Name Land Slide
Outline A large landslip occured in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi on Monday night, burying 24 farmars with their homes.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • Xinhua 2005/05/24
    Seven bodies of the 24 farmers buried in the May 9 large-scale loess cave-in were found Tuesday in Jixian County, north China's Shanxi Province.
  • Xinhua News 2005/05/11
    Acting on experts' advice, rescuers have adopted a more scientific way of searching for the 24 farmers buried in a large-scale loess cave-in that occurred Monday night in northern China's Shanxi Province.
  • Xinhua News 2005/05/11
    The farmers, 12 men and 12 women, were buried after some 650,000 cubic meters of loess sank at about 11:00 p.m. Monday in Qiaonan village of Jixian county. Sixteen local residents survived the catastrophe which engulfed 11 houses.
  • BBC News 2005/05/11
    Rescuers in China's northern province of Shanxi are battling to reach 24 people buried alive when a landslide engulfed their homes.