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United States : Heat Wave : 2006/07/28

GLIDE:  HT-2006-000110-USA

Duration 2006/07/28
Country or District United States
Name Heat Wave
Outline The death toll from California's record-breaking heat wave reached 132 on Friday, the first day in nearly two weeks that temperatures were expected to stay below 100 degrees across most of the state.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Report/Articles 2006/08/08
More than 200 people have died across the nation since the heat-wave began. 2006/08/03
Record-breaking heat and oppressive humidity made people across the eastern half of US miserable on Aug 2 2006. The same heat wave was blamed for as many as 164 deaths last week in California. 2006/07/29
California heat wave death toll tops 130