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Russian Federation (the): Cold Wave: 2006/01/17 Country Information on DRR

Period 2006/01/17
Country or District Russian Federation (the)
Event Type Cold Wave
Outline More than 30 people died across Russia since 17 January, 2006, as the capital's temparatures dropped to minus 30 Celsius (minus 22 Fahrenheit) in the coldest weather of the country in 26 years.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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VOA News 2006/01/21
Russian officials say at least five more people have died from a wave of extremely cold weather gripping the nation, bringing the death toll to 43 in the past week.

BBC News 2005/01/21
Severe cold weather gripping large parts of Russia has now spread west, causing chaos in Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

Reuters 2006/01/20
Russia's coldest winter in a generation killed seven more people overnight, lifting the death toll in Moscow to 123 and putting huge pressure on the Soviet-era heating and power network.

BBC News 2006/01/19
Some 24 people have died of exposure in Russia as freezing winter temperatures plunged to minus 30C overnight. Many schools and businesses are shut, electrical billboards turned off, cars were unable to start and trolley buses put out of action by snapped cables.