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China: Typhoon: 2005/09/03 Country Information on DRR

Period 2005/09/03
Country or District China
Event Type Typhoon
Outline Torrential rains and flooding from Typhoon Talim have killed at least 13 people and left 15 missing in eastern China, the government says.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No. 2 2005/09/12
Killed: 129
Missing: 30
Evacuated: 1.84 million
Affected: 19.624 million
Housing units collapsed: 102,000
Housing units damaged: 278,000
Crops affected: 1.27 million ha
Crops lost: 261,000 ha
Estimated direct economic loss: CNY 15.46 billion (approximately USD 1.90 billion)
OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2005/09/05
Killed: 82
Missing: 28
Evacuated: 1.62 million
Affected: 15.64 million
Houses collapsed: 62,000
Houses damaged: 171,000

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OCHA Situation Report No. 2 2005/09/12
In Anhui, one of the worst hit provinces, 63 people have been reported dead and 18 others missing. Anhui was hit by heavy rainstorms from 1 to 3 September. Areas covering 270,000 square km in the province experienced rainfall exceeding 100 mm and some reservoir areas had rainfall of over 600 mm. The heavy rainstorms caused by the typhoon generated mud-rock flows and landslides on 3,000 sites in the province. 61 reservoirs reached alarming water level.

Interfax China 2005/09/07
Typhoon Talim's death toll has risen to 110 people and more than 1.7 mln people are still homeless, according to China's Ministry of Civil Affairs. Rescuers are still searching for 33 people in the wreckage of Talim's wake that is spread across southeastern China's Fujian, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Hubei provinces, according to the ministry.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2005/09/05
1. As of 4 September, Typhoon Talim weakened into a tropical storm and landed on China where it triggered flooding and landslides, which killed at least 82 people, left 28 missing and 1.62 million people evacuated. The typhoon has dissipated; therefore no further damages are expected.

BBC News 2005/09/05
At least 72 people have died in eastern China because of flooding and landslides triggered by Typhoon Talim. About 52 were killed in Anhui province, Xinhua news agency reported. It also said 15 died in the city of Wenzhou and five in Jiangxi province. More than 20 people are missing. Hundreds of thousands have been affected by Talim, which has destroyed property estimated at $1bn (£540m).

BBC News 2005/09/04
At least 54 people have died in China because of flooding and landslides triggered by Typhoon Talim. About 40 died in the province of Anhui when Talim made landfall on Thursday, and 14 died in the city of Wenzhou, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

Xinhuaenet 2005/09/03
The death toll in the disaster brought about by typhoon Talim has risen to 39 in Anhui Province, while nine others are still missing, local government said Saturday evening. Most parts of the province have been suffering torrential rains, floods and landslides caused by Talim over the past three days.

CNEWS 2005/09/03
Flooding and landslides triggered by Typhoon Talim killed at least 45 people on China's mainland and left 21 missing, the government said Saturday.

CNN NEWS 2005/09/03
Almost 600,000 people were evacuated as the typhoon struck southern China. The mainland deaths occurred in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces on China's southeastern coast, the official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday.