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Kyrgyz Republic : Flood : 2003/04/20

GLIDE:  SL-2003-000177-KGZ

Duration 2003/04/20
Country or District Kyrgyz Republic
Name Flood
Outline A massive landslide swept through the village of Sogot in the Uzgen region in southern Kyrgyzstan, killing 34 people.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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OCHA Situation Report No.2 2003/04/25
As a result of the landslide 38 people, including 22 children were killed.

OCHA Situation Report 2003/04/22
THe death toll from the landslide has risen to 38 people, including 22 children. Some 44 people were made homeless as 14 houses were destroyed by the landslide.

CNN News 2003/04/20
The landslide hit the village of Sogot in the Uzgen region, burying 11 homes.

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BBC News 2003/04/20
Landslide hits Kyrgyz village