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United States of America (the): Tornado: 2002/11/10 Country Information on DRR

Period 2002/11/10
Country or District United States of America (the)
Event Type Tornado
Outline Devastating tornadoes ripped through the eastern United States from the Great Lakes into the deep South, wiping out several small towns and killing at least 30 people.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
CNN news 2002/11/14
Dead: 35 people
Injured: at least 80 people

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CNN news 2002/11/15
Tornado-ravaged Tennessee a disaster area

CNN news 2002/11/14
The storms killed 35 people in five states.

BBC news 2002/11/12
Eyewitnesses: Shaken by the storm

BBC news 2002/11/12
US towns start tornado clean-up 2002/11/12
Storms Kill 35 in South, Midwest

BBC news 2002/11/11
Dozens of people are missing in Ohio, Tennessee and Alabama, hundreds are injured.

CNN News 2002/11/13
A deadly line of storms marched east across the United States Sunday and early Monday, spawning numerous tornadoes that killed at least 34 people.

Reuters News 2002/11/11
String of tornadoes kill at least 30 in U.S.


BBC news 2002/11/11
At least 30 people dead and dozens more homeless.