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Belarus: Flood: 1999/03 Country Information on DRR

Period 1999/03
Country or District Belarus
Event Type Flood
Outline An unusual period of warm weather during the first week of March 1999 has provoked excessive spring snow melting, resulting in flooding in several regions of the Republic of Belarus. Floods now affecting many parts of Belarus contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion, may pollute rivers flowing into the Baltic and Black seas.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
About 200 towns and villages in 28 regions of Belarus are affected by floods. The water will carry radioactive particles and cause them to "migrate" to "Ukraine, the Black Sea, Turkey and beyond,"
Republic of Belarus OCHA
More than 2000 people had to be resettled. 38 districts , 279 locations, 7162 dwelling houses and 10840 other buildings were affected by floods. Total flooded area amounted to 255,653 hectares including 184,993 hectares of arable lands. Floods damaged 82.25 km of roads, 2.65 km of dams, 2.9 km of electric power supply lines and 15 bridges. Belarus is extremely concerned also with Chernobyl in the neighboring Ukraine which has not completed constructions on the dike Pripyat, an thus leaking radioactive wastes to the river waters. Experts say that 80 percent of the radioactive substances from the Chernobyl zone are spread by this river.

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OCHA Situation Report 1999/03/31
Appeal for International Assistance


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OCHA Situation Report 1999/03/31
Contributions from the Governments and donor organizations wishing to render assistance can be deposited at the following bank accounts: Contributions in USD Beneficiary: Branch 523, Code 295 Beneficiary's account: 6111000000989 Beneficiary's bank: BELARUSBANK, SWIFT:AKBB BY 2X BRANCH 523, CODE 295, Minsk Correspondent account: 04-095-692 Correspondent bank: BANKERS TRUST COMPANY, NEW YORK USA, SWIFT: BKTR US 33 Details of payment: F/O Humanitarian ACC. 3622000000421 Contributions in DEM Beneficiary: Branch 523, Code 525 Beneficiary's account: 611000000989 Beneficiary's bank: BELARUSBANK, SWIFT, AKBB BY 2X BRANCH 523, CODE 295 Minsk Correspondent account: 949-81-14 Correspondent bank: DEUTCHE BANK AG, FRANKFURT, GERMANY, SWIFT: DEUT DE FF Details of payment: F/O Humanitarian ACC. 3622000000421 Bank address: 15, Marx Street, Minsk, 220050, Republic of Belarus Telephones: +375/17/2292076, 375/17/2292903 Fax. +375/17/2292076