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Kyrgyz Republic : Heavy rain, Land Slide : 2002/05/02

Duration 2002/05/02
Country or District Kyrgyz Republic
Name Heavy rain, Land Slide
Outline Landslides sparked by heavy rains destroyed hundreds of homes in Kyrgyzstan, causing more than dlrs 1 million in damages. In addition, local train lines were also disrupted, leaving 19 villages without any train service
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
yahoo!news 2002/05/02
174 homes were destroyed in the village of Alai, and another 160 homes were damaged in the village of Zhangi-Savai. Destroyed hundreds of homes: more than dlrs 1 million in damages

19 villages without any train service.

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yahoo!news 2002/05/02
Heavy rains destroy homes in Kyrgyzstan