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Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of): Flood: 2001/10/12 Country Information on DRR

Period 2001/10/12
Country or District Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)
Event Type Flood
Outline According to the Flood Damage Rehabilitation Committee of the Government of DPR Korea (FDRC), 81 people were killed with 82 injured and 27 missing, and 11,207 people were made homeless in Kangwon province. Kangwon province is a food deficit area and is vulnerable to the effects of adverse climatic conditions.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.3 2001/10/19
Dead: 81 people
Seriously injured: 84 people
Missing: 33 people
Completely destroyed: 4,000 homes
Affected: 31,500 homes
CNN News
killed 81 people
Missing 27
Injured 82
Made Homeless 11,207

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yahoo!singapore news 2001/11/26
Eu to Offer US$175000 in Aid to N.Korean Flood Victims

OCHA Situation Report No.3 2001/10/19
The disaster left 81 people dead and 84 seriously injured, while 33 others are still missing.

BBC Asia-Pacific News 2001/10/23
Many people have been made homeless.

yahoo!singapore news 2001/10/22
U.N. rushes food aid to North Korea flood victims

BBC Asia-Pacific
flood caused large-scale damage to crops, homes and infrastructure. Almost 150,000 people are affected.

yahoo!asia news 2001/10/16
"worst rains for century "killed up to 114 in north korea

CNN News
Big waves and floods battered North Korea's southeastern coastal province of Kangwon last week, killing at least 81 people, reports,27 were missing and 82 were injured in Kangwon.

OCHA Report No.1 2001/10/12


yahoo!news photos 2001/11/03
North Korean farmers reinforce the embankment of the Taedong River in Chollima, near Pyongyang, to prevent flooding of their farmlands.