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Ukraine: Flood: 1998/11 Country Information on DRR

Period 1998/11
Country or District Ukraine
Event Type Flood
Outline Heavy rains in Western Ukraine have flooded more than 100 towns and villages affecting 400,000 people.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.8 / 15 Dec. 1998
10,538 people are displaced from their homes and reside with their relatives or in public buildings. 108 houses were assessed to be in immediate danger and residents had to be evacuated.
OCHA Situation Report No.7 / 8 Dec. 1998
*7,820 people are displaced from their homes and reside with relatives or in public buildings.
*One person is still missing.
2,695 buildings are destroyed or partially destroyed. At least 2,877 buildings have to be reconstructed.
OCHA Situation Report No.6 / 1 Dec. 1998
*The number of fatal casualties is 17, and one person is still missing.
*The total number of persons unable to return to their houses is 5,609.
There are 212 buildings still flooded, 2,002 buildings destroyed and 303 partially destroyed. More than 6,967 buildings need to be repaired.
OCHA Situation Report No.2 / 9 Oct. 1998
*24, 340 people had to be evacuated to safe areas.
*On the night of 8 November, 13,900 people have been evacuated from the city of Chop because the level of Tisa River had been raising till 23.00 hours.
There is no telephone communication with 67 villages. Roads, particularly between local municipalities were heavily damaged and 5 bridges demolished by the water. Railroad traffic was already restored in the whole area. 102 electric transformers were damaged.