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Viet Nam: Flood: 2001/09/14 Country Information on DRR

Period 2001/09/14
Country or District Viet Nam
Event Type Flood
Outline Floods in vietnam`s Mekong Delta have killed 256people, 203 victims were children.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Reuters 2001/10/23
Dead: 326 persons
(Children: 243 persons)
Reuters 2001/10/22
Dead: 311 persons house under water: 313000
Reuters 2001/10/19
Dead: 301 persons
(Children: 237 persons)
BBc news 2001/09/19
dead 117 houses under water 100000
homeless 600000

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MSN News2001/09/25 (Japanese page)
In VietNam Mekon-Delta area, 159 killed by floods

yahoo !news 2001/10/26
Vietnam Floods Toll Hit 361, Waters Recede Slowly

yahoo!news 2001/10/25
Vietnam Flooding Kills 341

yahoo!singapore news 2000/10/24
Vietnam floods kill 337, coffee regions hit

Reuters 2001/10/23
Vietnam flood season kills 326 (at least 243 children). 16 people had been killed since the weekend.

yahoo!news 2001/10/22
315 Killed in Vietnam Flooding

CNN News 2001/10/22

Reuters 2001/10/22
Vietnam Floods Kill 311, Most Victims Children.

Reuters 2001/10/19
Heavy rains and higher tides have helped enlarge flood-hit areas in the Mekong Delta and raised the overall death toll to 301 people, local officials said on Friday.

OCHA Report No.2 2001/10/08

Asahi News 2001/20/19

Vietnam flood toll nears 300,smuggling said lif

yahoo!India news 2001/10/13
203 children among 256 killed in Vietnam flood

yahoo!news 2001/10/08
182 children die in Vietnam flood

AFP 2001/10/05
Flood death toll hits 200 in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

OCHA Situation Report No.1 2001/09/28
Situation and Damage

yahoonews 2001/09/29
Over 150 children among Vietnam`s 182 flood dead.

BBC news 2001/09/29
Appeal targets Vietnam flood victims

CNN report 2001/09/25
Vietnam flood toll hits 150

BBC news 2001/09/25
Children fall victim to Vietnam flood

Reuters AlertNet 2001/09/24
Vietnam bids to stem child flood deaths

BBC news 2001/09/19
Vietnam floods set to peak.

yahoo news 2001/09/18
108 people have been killed because of the Mekong delta`s flood, Vietnam

yahoo!Asia news 2001/09/16/
health,food fears after Mekong delta floods

DMU (UNDP) 2001/09/17

BBC News 2001/09/17
Vietnam floods on the rise

yahoo !Asia News 2001/09/14
Floods in Vietnam`s Mekong Delta have killed 79 people,seventy of the victims were children.


yahoo!news 2001/10/24
Residents of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam navigate flooded streets in a small boat Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2001