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Viet Nam: Typhoon: 2017/11/04 Country Information on DRR

Period 2017/11/04
Country or District Viet Nam
Event Type Typhoon
Outline Typhoon Damrey made landfall in central Vietnam on 4 November 2017, causing significant damage. More than 100 persons were killed and some 4 million persons were affected.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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ASEAN 2017/11/18
Casualties: death-toll, 110 people; 16 missing and 197 injured; 141,214 houses collapsed and/or damaged;

ASEAN 2017/11/12
Significant damage in 14 provinces of south-central Viet Nam was reported, after landfall on 4 November 2017. Official tally estimated 104 deaths, 19 missing with around 4 million people affected.

ECHO 2017/11/10
According to the latest available information from media, the death toll from Typhoon Damrey has increased to 106 people. 26 people are missing, 1,484 houses collapsed and almost 120,000 houses damaged.

IFRC 2017/11/07
According to the latest information from National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control (NCDPC), as of today, 69 people died and 30 people missing

UNOCHA 2017/11/06
As of 5 November, Typhoon Damrey caused 29 deaths, destroyed 600 houses and damaged nearly 40,000 houses after hitting 10 provinces and the city of Danang on 4 November.

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DG ECHO 2017/11/09
Asia - Severe Weather – DG ECHO Daily Map | 09/11/2017


International Charter 2017/11/06
Typhoon Damrey in Vietnam