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Philippines (the): Volcano: 2014/09/16 Country Information on DRR

Period 2014/09/16
Country or District Philippines (the)
Event Type Volcano
Outline Thousands of Filipinos have fled their homes on the northern island of Luzon after the Mount Mayon volcano began to spew lava.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Government of the Philippines 2014/09/16
An estimated total of 10,555 families / 51,625 persons in 65 barangays are identified within the 6-km Permanent Danger Zone and 6.5-8-km extended high-risk zone (HRZ). Evacuation of the aforementioned estimated population started at around 2:00 PM, 16 September 2014 and currently ongoing.

BBC 2014/09/16
The authorities are forcibly evacuating villagers living within 6km (4 miles) of the crater. Scientists have warned that Mayon could fully erupt within weeks and have raised the alert level to \"critical\".