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Indonesia: Volcano: 2014/02/13 Country Information on DRR

Period 2014/02/13
Country or District Indonesia
Event Type Volcano
Outline Mt Kelud on the main island of Indonesia has sent plumes of smoke and ash high into the air, while tens of thousands have gone to shelters for safety.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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OCHA 2014/02/17
Mt. Kelud in East Java erupted on 13 Feb, killing seven people and displacing over 83,000. A number of districts in East Java, Central Java, West Java and Yogyakarta are affected by ash fall.

OCHA 2014/02/14
3 Casualties 76,388 IDPs in Kediri, Blitar, Malang, Tulungagung districts and Batu Municipality. 2014/02/14
The military has been called in to help evacuate the area, and 66,000 people are moving to nearby shelters.

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OCHA 2014/02/14
Indonesia: Mt. Kelud Eruption (As of 14 February 2014)


International Charter 2014/02/13
Mt Kelud volcanic eruption in Indonesia