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China: Flood: 2013/08 Country Information on DRR

Period 2013/08
Country or District China
Event Type Flood
Outline The Amur River (Heilong River) which marks the border between China and Russia, has risen since mid-August with some middle and lower sections reaching their highest levels since records began in 1896, the Xinhua news agency said.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Xinhua 2013/09/04
Floods and heavy rain have affected more than 5.2 million people in the Sino-Russian bordering province of Heilongjiang, local authorities said on Wednesday (4 September).

Xinhua 2013/08/29
At 8 a.m. 29 August 2013, the water level in the river\'s Fuyuan section, in northeast China\'s Heilongjiang Province, had risen 20 centimeters from Wednesday, 28 August, or 2.17 meters above the warning level, according to the flood control commanding center.

IFRC 2013/08/23
China: Floods and typhoons (as of 23 August 2013)

Xinhua 2013/08/20
By 4 p.m. Monday 19 August 2013, 85 people were confirmed dead and 105 were missing in the worst flood to hit northeast China in more than a decade. Some 3.74 million people were affected.

AFP 2013/08/26
Floods had cut off roads leading to Fuyuan county, which has a population of 170,000 people and sits across the border from the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk.

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IFRC 2013/08/23
China: Floods and typhoons (as of 23 August 2013)


International Charter 2013/08/16
Floods in northeast China