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Bangladesh : Cold Wave : 2012/12

GLIDE:  CW-2013-000001-BGD

Duration 2012/12
Country or District Bangladesh
Name Cold Wave
Outline A cold wave has strucked the northern districts of the sub-Himalayan regions of Bangladesh claiming more than 72 lives.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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AFP 2013/01/10
A cold snap which saw temperatures drop on Thursday, 10 January 2013 to their lowest point in Bangladesh\'s post-independence history has killed around 80 people, officials said.

IFRC 2013/01/04
The cold spell claimed more than 72 lives as per the assessment data of BDRCS and local administration, mostly children due to hypothermia.

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Government of Bangladesh 2013/01/09
Bangladesh: Situation Report on Cold Wave (as of 9 January 2013)

IFRC 2013/01/04
Bangladesh: Cold wave (as of 4 Jan 2013)