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Philippines (the): Typhoon: 2012/06/02 Country Information on DRR

Period 2012/06/02
Country or District Philippines (the)
Event Type Typhoon
Outline On 2 June 2012, Tropical Storm (later Typhoon) Ambo (Mawar) has gained strength as it moves along the eastern coast of northern Luzon in the Philippines. Flooding and landslide have occurred and four people were missing.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Government of the Philippines 2012/06/06
Three were dead while seven were injured and five missing.

Government of the Philippines 2012/06/04
Typhoon Ambo claimed two people, injuring seven and seven went missing.

Government of the Philippines 2012/06/02
TS AMBO is expected to enhance the Southwest Monsoon that will bring rains over Central and Southern Luzon and Visayas.