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India : Cyclone : 2011/12/30

GLIDE:  TC-2011-000201-IND

Duration 2011/12/30
Country or District India
Name Cyclone
Outline Cyclone Thane hit Tamil Nadu state, India on 30 December with winds of up to 135 kmph and tidal surges of up to 5 feet. At least 33 people died .
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Government of India 2012/01/03
The death toll increased to 47. More than 18,000 in Cuddalore and Puducherry continued to be sheltered in government buildings.

Reuters 2011/12/31
About 6,000 coastal villagers were forced to seek safety in relief shelters.

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OCHA 2011/12/30
India: Cyclone Thane (as of 30 Dec 2011)