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India : Cold Wave : 2011/12/10

GLIDE:  CW-2011-000197-IND

Duration 2011/12/10
Country or District India
Name Cold Wave
Outline 26 people have died in a cold wave sweeping through northern India.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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NIDM 2011/12/26
The country-wide death toll this winter reached 131.

NIDM 2011/12/23
Cold wave unabated; nationwide death toll at 114.

BBC News 2011/12/22
Nearly 100 people have died in a cold snap sweeping across northern India.

NIDM 2011/12/19
Cold wave intensified in North India on Sunday claiming six more lives, all in Uttar Pradesh, as thick fog disrupted road and rail traffic at several places.

BBC News 2011/12/20
The death toll in a cold wave sweeping through northern India has risen to 39.