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Bangladesh: Flood: 2000/09 Country Information on DRR

Period 2000/09
Country or District Bangladesh
Event Type Flood
Outline At the end of August, some 60,000 peoples are homeless when the floods and erosion triggered by an unusual high tide in the Bay of Bengal hit Sandwip island, 96 km off the Bangladesh mainland. Red Crescent volunteers said at least 6 peoples have been killed and nearly 100 have been injured. Officials told they found the bodies of seven fishermen and more than 140 were missing.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
IFRC 2000/09/08
The government has reported that some 110,000 people were affected by the tidal flood. 5,000 acres of cultivated land were totally submerged and an additional 10,000 acres of crops were ruined. Some 4,000 houses were totally destroyed, and 6,000 were damaged.

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Reuters 2000/10/26
Bangladesh's Agriculture Minister Begum Matia Chowdhury said on Thursday recent floods had destroyed 300,000 tonnes of rice in the fields but the country had enough food supplies and imports were not necessary.

Reuters 2000/10/23
Floodwaters in southwest Bangladesh were receding slowly in some areas but many places were likely to remain under water for weeks yet, local officials said on Saturday.

Reuters 2000/10/19
Floods in southwest Bangladesh inundated new areas on Wednesday, damaging or destroying homes in nearly two dozen villages, officials said. "New areas are being flooded with water released from other areas after the army had cut through dykes and roads," said Bhabesh Chanda, a local administrator in worst-hit Satkhira district.

AFP 2000/10/17
Army troops and health workers are busy restoring nine flooded southwestern Bangladeshi districts as the situation there continued to improve, witnesses and officials said Tuesday.

AFP 2000/10/11
Bangladeshi authorities have begun to rehabilitate tens of thousands of stricken victims as waters start to recede after nearly three weeks of severe flooding, an official source said Wednesday.

OCHA Situation Report No. 4 2000/10/11
Water levels are slowly receding in most of the affected areas of Meherpur, Chuadanga, Jhenidah and Jessore districts, but downstream in Satkhira district waters continue to rise. Several key embankments have been breached in Satkhira, exposing marooned villagers to rushing waters. Floodwaters are not expected to disappear for another 10 to 15 days.

Government of Bangladesh 2000/10/03
Information posted by Mr. Khabiruddin Ahmed, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief Flood situation further deteriorates in Bangladesh As the on rush of water from across the Indian border still continues, the flood situation in Bangladesh further deteriorates. The affected Districts are Kushtia, Meherpur, Chuadanga, Zhinaidah, Jessore, Sathkhira, Nowabgonj and Rajshahi where 5,53,585 families have been rendered homeless. The total number of affected people is 26,57,244 out of which 6,25,206 have been taken to 571 shelters. 41 upazilas comprising of 342 unions have been affected by flood. The loss of life is 22, Government have so far distributed 2000 tons of Food Grains and 17,25,000.00 cash Taka, 1600 tins of Biscuits, 2000 Sharees and 2000 Lungis among the affected people. The present flood is unprecedented and the people of the area have never experienced such situation in the life. Government is leaving no stones unturned to keep the situation under control.

AFP 2000/10/10
Thousands of flood-hit Bangladeshis are trekking back to their ravaged homes in despair as new areas are submerged in a coastal district, officials said Tuesday.

Reuters 2000/10/08
Surging floods in Bangladesh have inundated nearly 50 more villages and forced another 500,000 people from their homes, local government officials said on Sunday. The number of people made homeless since the floods began in the country's usually dry southwest on September 26 was now up to about two million, they said. The floods have killed more than 100 people, damaged 625,000 acres of rice and other crops, and washed away nearly 675 miles of roads, officials said.

Reuters 2000/10/06
Twelve days after floods inundated southwestern Bangladesh, villagers in chest-high water cried out for help on Friday as an army rescue raft approached.

AFP 2000/10/04
Thousands of Bangladeshi flood victims Wednesday awaited help to rebuild their homes as rains brought more misery but experts said the situation was slowly "improving" in 11 districts bordering India.

OCHA Situation Report No. 3 2000/10/03
So far about 71 people have reportedly died of pneumonia, snake bites, diarrhoea or drowning. The Government of Bangladesh has confirmed 18 deaths.

AFP 2000/10/02
The death toll from devastating floods in western Bangladesh exceeded 100 as grim reports poured in Monday of tens of thousands of marooned people waiting to be rescued.

AFP 2000/09/29
The first outbreak of diarrhoea in Bangladesh's water-logged western frontier region was reported Friday as the death toll in the country's flooding rose to 38.

OCHA Situation Report No. 2 2000/09/29

Reuters 2000/09/29
Floods in Bangladesh have killed more than 50 people, left nearly 150 missing, made over one million homeless and badly disrupted communications, officials said on Friday. More than 80,000 hectares (200,000 acres) of rice and other crops have been fully or partially damaged, they said. Over 800 km (500 miles) of roads and hundreds of schools have been washed away.

AFP 2000/09/28
Bangladesh floods disrupt key border route with India

AFP 2000/09/27
Officials in Bengladesh's western Meherpur district said they had registered more than 300 Indians from Nadia district in West Bengal who have taken shelter across the border.

AFP 2000/09/26
The official death toll from the disaster remained at eight, while health officials said 63 people were reported ill with water-borne diarrhoea.

Reuters 2000/09/26
Soldiers and volunteers intensified relief efforts in Bangladesh on Tuesday after floods killed at least 13 people and left nearly one million homeless. Officials said about 45,000 hectares (112,500 acres) of rice and other crops had been damaged by surging water levels in eight northwestern districts bordering India.

AFP 2000/09/25
Bangladeshi troops and aid agencies have fanned out across five western frontier districts to evacuate thousands of people marooned in the worst flooding in decades.

IFRC 2000/09/22

AFP 2000/09/21
Floods in Bangladesh are showing signs of receding amid reports that another two people have died and a further 35 were injured, officials said Thursday.

AFP 2000/09/19
At least 1,500 people were marooned in northern Bangladesh as fresh floods hit the natural disaster-prone country, officials said Tuesday.

IFRC 2000/09/08
With the assistance of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) disaster preparedness volunteers, the government moved 15,000 inhabitants to the safety of cyclone shelters.

Reuters 2000/09/07
Fllood, erosion leave 60,000 Bangladeshis homeless. Officials said some 50,000 lost their homes when the floods triggered by an unusually high tide in the Bay of Bengal hit the island, 60 miles (96 km) off the Bangladesh mainland, over a week ago. Another 10,000 were forced from their homes by erosion along the sea shores as the floods receded, island officials and Red Crescent volunteers said.

IFRC 2000/09/06
Bangladesh's monsoon season becomes increasingly cruel.

Reuters 2000/09/05
At least 50,000 people are homeless after a tidal surge flooded Bangladesh's Sandwip Island with up to eight feet (2.5 metres) of water last week.Islanders also faced an acute shortage of fresh food and drinking water because the tide had flooded their wells. ``Unless these are available in a day or two, maybe there will be an outbreak of diseases caused by people drinking polluted water and eating rotten food,'' one relief volunteer said. Relief supplies had not yet arrived and officials said they feared an outbreak of violence if they did not arrive soon.

AFP 2000/09/04
Six people, including five children, were killed after the Sandwip Island in the Bay of Bengal was flooded by an unusual tidal surge last week. Officials said rice and cash has been distributed in Sandwip. Sandwip is one of the largest of Bangladesh's islands with a population of more than 362,000. The other island affected is Hatiya.

Reuters 2000/09/01
About 150 Bangladeshi fishermen were missing and feared dead after they were caught at sea in heavy rain storms.

AFP 2000/08/31
Volunteers have evacuated some 12,000 residents to cyclone shelters after floods deluged an island town. More than 1,000 homes had been flooded, and that number was rising.

IFRC 2000/08/25
In general, river water levels are subsiding, with just seven of 46 measurement points above the danger level. However, fresh rains in India are now raising the levels in the upper reaches of the Padma and Meghna basins. A few days of heavy rain in Bangladesh or in India would see rivers once again flowing above the danger levels at many points.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2000/08/21
According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), as of 11 August, approximately 1.26 million people in 41 sub-districts have been affected by the floods.