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China : Flood : 2010/07/08

Duration 2010/07/08
Country or District China
Name Flood
Outline More than 50 people have been killed and 15 are missing following floods, landslides and mud flows that hit parts of central and southern China following days of torrential rains
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Xinhua News 2010/07/19
Dead: 146
Missing: 40
Destroyed houses: 124,000
Xinhua News 2010/07/16
Dead: 135
Missing: 41
Affected: 35,500,000
Destroyed houses: 113,000
Xinhua News 2010/07/15
Dead: 118
Missing: 47
Affected: 32,300,000
Destroyed houses: 101,000

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Xinhua English 2010/07/21
Death toll soars to 273 in July floods in China.

XinHua News 2010/07/19
At least 146 people have been confirmed dead and 40 missing in 11 south China provinces.

Xinhua News 2010/07/16
Death toll from south China floods rises to 135

Xinhua News 2010/07/15
Rainstorms and floods sweeping through south China have left at least 118 people dead and 47 missing since July 1, said a statement on the Civil Affairs Ministry website on 14 July.

Xinhua News 2010/07/13
Rainstorms and consequent floods have left 107 people dead and 59 missing in ten provinces and municipalities - mostly along the Yangtze River as of 13 July afternoon, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Xinhua News 2010/07/10
Nearly 17.2 million residents in nine provinces were affected by flood-related disasters

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IFRC 2010/07/16
China: Floods (as of 16 July 2010)