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Viet Nam: Flood: 2009/11/02 Country Information on DRR

Period 2009/11/02
Country or District Viet Nam
Event Type Flood
Outline Wide-scale floods in central Vietnam have killed at least 13 people after tropical storm Mirinae wreaked havoc in the region.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Government of Vietnam 2009/11/08
Dead: 122
Missing: 2
Injured: 145
Collapsed houses: 2,198
Damaged houses: 41,375
Damaged classrooms: 842
Government of Vietnam 2009/11/05
Dead: 98
Missing: 20
Injured: 66
Collapsed houses: 1,133
Damaged houses: 15,283
Damaged classrooms: 489

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Government of Vietnam 2009/11/08
Situation overview (updated 8 November 2009)

Government of Vietnam 2009/11/05
Situation overview (updated 5 November 2009)

Reuters AlertNet 2009/11/05
Flash floods and heavy rains from a tropical storm killed 98 after ploughing into central Vietnam this week and at least 20 people are missing, the government said on 5 November 2009.

BBC NEWS 2009/11/04
Tropical storm Mirinae killed at least 40 people in a number of provinces, with at least 10 others missing, government officials said.

BBC NEWS 2009/11/03
Around 2,600 houses and 4,400 acres (1,800 hectares) of farmland have been destroyed.

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IFRC 2009/11/06
Typhoon Mirinae (as of 6 November 2009)