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Viet Nam: Flash Flood: 2008/08/09 Country Information on DRR

Period 2008/08/09
Country or District Viet Nam
Event Type Flash Flood
Outline Heavy rain and flash floods brought by tropical storm Kammuri killed at least 61 people and left dozens missing in northern Vietnam, officials said on Saturday.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
CCFSC 2008/08/18
Dead: 130
Missing: 32
Injured: 90
Collapsed and drifted away houses: 982
Flooded and damaged houses: 10,526
CCFSC 2008/08/13
Dead: 125
Missing: 38
Injured: 86
Collapsed and drifted away houses: 798
Flooded and damaged houses: 17,888
CCFSC 2008/08/12
Dead: 112
Missing: 45
Injured: 81
Collapsed and drifted away houses: 672
Flooded and damaged houses: 17,793

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IRIN 2008/08/22
A total of 133 people were killed and 34 are missing after tropical storm Kammuri hit Vietnam 7-9 August, government officials said.

CCFSC 2008/08/18
Situation update as of 18 August 2008

CCFSC 2008/08/13
Situation update as of 13 August 2008

IRIN Asia 2008/08/13
An estimated 145 people are reported dead or missing and more than 4,000 buildings damaged or destroyed in northern Vietnam after tropical storm Kammuri lashed the region with heavy rain and high winds.

CCFSC 2008/08/12
Situation update as of 12 August 2008 2008/08/11
Flash floods and landslides triggered by a weekend tropical storm have killed at least 100 people in Vietnam.

Reuters AlertNet 2008/08/10
About 80 people have been killed and dozens remain missing in north Vietnam as heavy rains brought by tropical storm Kammuri triggered landslides and floods.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/08/09
Vietnam floods, landslides kill 61, dozens missing

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OCHA 2008/08/18
Mekong River Basin Flooding (Issued: 18 August 2008)


International Charter 2008/08/15
International Charter: Floods in Vietnam

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