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Philippines (the): Typhoon: 2008/06/21 Country Information on DRR

Period 2008/06/21
Country or District Philippines (the)
Event Type Typhoon
Outline Typhoon Fengshen has killed 155 people in the Philippines in a torrent of flashfloods and landslides, the head of the Philippines Red Cross, Richard Gordon, told local radio on Sunday.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
NDCC UPDATE 2008/07/31
Dead: 557
Missing: 87
Injured: 826
Affected: 4,784,634
Totally damaged houses: 81,510
Paritally damaged houses: 326,321
NDCC UPDATE 2008/07/05
Dead: 557
Missing: 26
Injured: 826
Affected: 4,165,616
Totally damaged houses: 85,955
Paritally damaged houses: 268,724
NDCC UPDATE 2008/06/30
Dead: 540
Missing: 41
Injured: 175
Affected: 3,622,958
Totally damaged houses: 76,098
Paritally damaged houses: 225,544
NDCC UPDATE 2008/06/25
Dead: 288
Missing: 45
Injured: 165
Affected: 1,161,664
Totally damaged houses: 37,235
Partially damaged houses: 74,219

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IRIN 2008/06/23
Typhoon Fengshen moved out of the Philippines on 23 June towards China, leaving at least 224 dead, hundreds missing and thousands homeless

BBC news 2008/06/22
Fears are growing for more than 700 people on board a ferry which has capsized in the central Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Fengshen.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/06/22
Typhoon Fengshen kills 155 in Philippines -Red Cross


GDACS 2008/06/22
Tropical cyclone FENGSHEN-08 Current storm status

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