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Indonesia: Earthquake: 2000/05 Country Information on DRR

Period 2000/05
Country or District Indonesia
Event Type Earthquake
Outline A strong earthquake hit the eastern part of Sulawesi island and neighbouring small islands in Indonesia on 4 May 2000. According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale with the epicentre situated at latitude 0.9 degrees south and longitude 123.4 degrees east. It occurred at 04.21 hrs GMT, or 12.21 hrs local time. Several aftershocks and a tidal wave reportedly followed the quake.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Deutsche Presse Agentur 2000/05/10
The death toll rose to 46. More than 14,000 houses and 237 government buildings were damaged, with at least 500 totally destroyed.
Some 30,000 people left homeless by a deadly earthquake in central Indonesia last week continue to face acute shortages of drinking water, medicine and treatment.
OCHA Situation Report No.2 2000/05/08
The number of people killed is 38, seriously injured 51, and slightly injured 213.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that as many as 170,000 people have been made homeless.
The number of houses totally destroyed is 632, seriously damaged 10,555 and slightly damaged 4,210. (except other buildings such as government buildings, public health centers, schools and bridges)
OCHA Situation Report No.1 2000/05/05
The number of casualties is still unclear but according to one media report, 22 people have been killed and 21 people seriously injured.
Since rescue teams have not been able to reach isolated areas, the death toll is likely to rise.
Over 1,000 houses have been destroyed by the quake or swept away by the tsunami. Some villages along the eastern tip of Sulawesi, and others on small, outlying islands, have reportedly been flattened.

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IFRC 2000/07/06

IFRC 2000/06/16
The PMI and Federation have targeted assistance to a total of 3,500 of the worst affected families with shelter materials, water containers and other essential household items.

OCHA Situation Report No. 3 2000/05/19
Medical supplies are also available for at least 6 months. Water and sanitation are being addressed by the Indonesian Government and MSF France.

AFP 2000/05/15
An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale shook Indonesia's Southeast Sulawesi province on Monday but there were no reports of casualties.

Deutsche Presse Agentur 2000/05/10
Some 30,000 people continue to face acute shortages of drinking water, medicine and treatment as the death toll rose to 46.

CNN News 2000/05/08 03:16GMT

OCHA Situation Report No.2 2000/05/08
Refer to "Damage in Banggai and Bangkep districts of Central Sulawesi province, as of 7 May 2000"

OCHA Situation Report No.1 2000/05/05

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USGS Report
The map of the epicenter and predicted P-wave travel times