Details of Disaster Information

Viet Nam : Landslides : 2017/08/03
GLIDE: FF-2017-000101-VNM 
Satellite Images (Sentinel Asia): ERVNMN000039 DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2017/08/03
Viet Nam
Name Landslides
Outline Landslides occurred in Nam-Ho Dien Bien districts of Lai Chau Province, Mu Chang Chai districts of Yen Bai Province, Muong La districts of Son La Province in Vietnam on 3rd August.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
IFRC 07/08/2017
Dead: 23
Missing: 16
Injured: 21
Houses washed away or collapsed: 228
Affected houses: nearly 600
Crops, Livestock and Infrastructure: 28.9 million USD

Dead: 9
Missing: 24
Injured: 12
Houses washed away: 196
Affectedhouses by landslide: 75
Houses unroofed: 102

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