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Living with Risk
- a global review on disaster reduction initiatives

Publications The United Nations has just launched "Living with Risk - a global review on disaster reduction initiatives."  Published by the Inter-Agency Secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), "Living with Risk" is a 400 page study of the lessons learned by experts and communities in response to hazards presented by natural forces such as volcanoes, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, landslides and tornadoes as well as technological accidents and environmental degradation.

The Report also looks at the ways in which political imagination and better communication have already begun to save lives and build hope for developing countries and examines the intricate links between economic development and environmental insecurity.

The full text version and the abridged edition (English / Japanese) are available on ADRC website.

The full text of the publication is also available on ISDR's website (