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Philippines (the): Typhoon: 2005/03/17 Country Information on DRR

Period 2005/03/17
Country or District Philippines (the)
Event Type Typhoon
Outline Two passenger ferries capsized during a fierce tropical storm in the central Philippines on Thursday, killing at least three people and leaving eight missing, officials said
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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Radio Australia News 2005/03/18
The death toll from a tropical storm that hit the central Philippines this week has risen to 15, with at least 16 people still missing. Local officials say a fishing boat sunk off Tarangan town on the eastern island of Samar, killing eight crew members and leaving up to 15 missing. 2005/03/18
At least six people were killed and 13 missing after a freak storm tore through the Visayas region at dawn yesterday, rescue officials said.

Reuters Alertnet 2005/03/17
Tropical storm lashes central Philippines, 3 dead