Experience increasingly affirms that the post-disaster recovery phase provides a critical opportunity to shift the focus from saving lives to restoring livelihoods, and a time to introduce measures to reduce future disaster risk. Recovery can help close the gap between relief and development and transform disasters into opportunities for sustainable development. In order to fulfil such roles of recovery phase, it is effective to learn from the past recovery experiences in the world and draw upon them for better and effective recovery in disaster-affected areas.

This site on "Recovery & Reconstruction" features the cases of Hurricane Mitch (1998), Flash Floods and Landslides in Venezuela (2000), El Salvador Earthquakes (2001), Eruption of Mount Pinatubo (1991), Gujarat Earthquake (2001), Orissa Super Cyclone (1999) and Marmara Earthquake (1999), and a comparative study of the above recovery cases, and seek what can be improved in the international recovery efforts.