(5)@To make good use of Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)

       Asian Disaster Reduction Center is the core organization to promote regional cooperation in disaster prevention in Asia and collects and provides information related to disaster prevention.  Regional Governments in Mongolia and those of 83.3% in Japan answered that they know the Center, while only 50% did in Russia and Korea.

<Recognition of Asian Disaster Reduction Center>


Regional Governments of 25.0% in Russia, 16.7% in Japan answered that they have utilized the homepage or publications of ADRC.  They have never been referred in Mongolia and Korea.  Compared to the recognition of its activities, the information provided by the Center is not made good use of.

<Experience to make use of web information or publication by  Asian Disaster Reduction Center>


If the information about disaster prevention of Association of Northeast Asian Regional Governments were provided on the ADRC homepage, Japanese Regional Governments of 66.7% and all Regional Governments in the other countries answered that they will use it.

<Future Utilization of ADRC Homepage>

The information related to disaster prevention of Association of Northeast Asian municipalities could be utilized more and more if they are provided on the ADRC website.