1 Brief Description of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center
1-1 The background of the Establishment
1-2 Organization and Status
1-3 Activities and Policy
1-4 Past Activities
2 Formation of a Network for Sharing Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction
2-1 Formation of a Human Network

2-1-1 International Conference
2-1-2 Receiving Visiting Researchers
2-1-3 Joint Projects between UN.OCHA and ADRC
2-1-4 Cooperation with Other International Organizations

2-2 Formation of Network for Sharing Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction

2-2-1 Configuration of ADRC Network and Information Equipment
2-2-2 ADRC Homepage

3 Accumulation and Provision of Information on Natural Disaster and Disaster Reduction
3-1 Policy and Methods

3-1-1 Policy on Accumulation
3-1-2 Collecting Information from Member Countries, Etc.

3-2 Information on Disaster Reduction Systems

3-2-1 Scope of Information
3-2-2 Level of Information Source
3-2-3 Information Accumulation Methods
3-2-4 Information on Disaster Reduction Systems Accumulated in Fiscal 1999 and Analysis
3-2-5 Future Tasks

3-3 Cases of Disaster Counter Measures

3-3-1 Measures Implemented After the Great Turkey Earthquake
3-3-2 Measures Implemented After the Great Taiwan Earthquake
3-3-3 Investigation of Drought Disaster Countermeasures in Korea
3-3-4 Coping with Century Flood Disasters in Central Vietnam
3-3-5 Countermeasures at the Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake
3-3-6 Two Recent Disasters that Occurred in Nepal
3-3-7 Analyzing the Problem of Forest Fire in Indonesia

3-4 Construction of Database of Disasters in Asia in the 20th Century

3-4-1 Disaster Database of the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disaster (CRED), Louvain Catholic University, Belgium
3-4-2 Verification of CRED Data on Member Countries
3-4-3 Joint Projects with CRED
3-4-4 Disasters in Asia Registered in CRED Database
3-4-5 Future Tasks

3-5 Human Resource Information

3-5-1 Aim of Human Resource Information
3-5-2 Information Gathered and Provided
3-5-3 Future Developments

3-6 Construction of the Asian Disaster Reduction Internet GIS

3-6-1 Background on the Development of the Asian Disaster Reduction Internet GIS
3-6-2 System and Function of VENTEN
3-6-3 Data Provided by VENTEN
3-6-4 Use of VENTEN as Basic System for Risk Assessment
3-6-5 Summary

3-7 Gathering and Providing Information of Emergency Risk Assessment System
4 Identification of Needs and Resources concerning the Promotion of Cooperation on Disaster Reduction
4-1 Identification of Needs and Resources

4-1-1 Questionnaire Survey of Member Countries

4-2 Proposals of Disaster Reduction Cooperation Project from Member Countries

4-2-1 Survey of Interests of Member Countries in Disaster Reduction Cooperation Project
4-2-2 Proposals by Member Countries
4-2-3 Future Policy

5 Gathering of Information on Emergency Relief during Times of Disaster
5-1 Latest Disaster Information

5-1-1 Gathering Method and Gathered Information
5-1-2 Obtaining the First Reports

5-2 Collection and Analysis of Post Disaster Information

5-2-1 Data Summarization and Analysis of Relief Web Financial Tracking
5-2-2 NGOs in the Member Countries

6 Planning of Materials for Dissemination of Knowledge on Disaster Reduction, and Enhancement of Awareness
6-1 Background and Policy
6-2 Information on Awareness Raising Materials for Disaster for Disaster Reduction Gathered by ADRC
6-3 Planning of Materials for Dissemination and Enhancement of Awareness

6-3-1 Materials for Spreading Information on Papua New Guinea Tsunami

6-4 Gathering of Information on Workshops and International Conference

6-4-1 Gathering Method and Information Gathered
6-4-2 Disseminating of Information on the Web site

6-5 Future Policies
7 Securing a Good Understanding of Problems with Disaster Reduction Education and Training in the Asian Region
7-1 Planning of Disaster Reduction and Training by ADRC

7-1-1 JICA Seminar on Disaster Management

7-2 Short-term Training Programs by ADRC
8 Public Relations by ADRC
8-1 PR to the Mass Media
8-2 Attendance at International Conferences