3 Accumulation and Provision of Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction

3-1 Policy and Methods

3-1-1 Policy on Accumulation

Based on the resolutions of 22 countries in the Asian region, ADRC has been collecting and organizing information on the situation of natural disasters in each country, as well as information, knowledge of and experiences with the systems, plans, and specific measures of each country for disaster reduction. This is to facilitate the sharing of information between countries. The development of such fundamental information infrastructures has been carried out with the aim of promoting the establishment of national disaster reduction systems in each country, and multinational cooperation for disaster reduction in Asia.
In fiscal 1998, we constructed a database of the latest information on recent natural disasters, information on disaster reduction systems such as judicial systems and organizations, actual studies of natural disasters that occurred with special attention being paid to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and human resource information on specialists of disaster reduction, with the intention of disseminating the information.

In fiscal 1999, our second year of activities, we have been able to collect more detailed and specific information through collaboration with foreign researchers and an information exchange with the Asian Disaster Reduction Unit of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which is described later. This is in addition to the existing means of collecting information. We have also been able to add these facts to the information that will be disseminated. We plan to continue collecting detailed information on the following, and release the information through the Internet and other media.
(1) Disaster reduction systems (judicial systems, organizations, basic plans, and manuals on managing disasters, etc.)
(2) Actual cases of disaster countermeasures (measures taken during major disasters in the past, etc.)
(3) Information on natural disasters (descriptions and damage incurred by earthquakes, floods, cyclones, and other natural disasters)
(4) Human resource information (disaster reduction administrators, experts, international organizations, private companies, NGO members, etc.)


3-1-2 Collecting Information from Member Countries, Etc.

In fiscal 1999, following last year, ADRC collected disaster reduction related information on various counties through the following methods:

1) Requesting information from member countries
While gaining the understanding of each member country on the purposes of establishing ADRC and needs of multinational disaster reduction cooperation, we have been asking member countries to provide natural disaster information, as well as on actual disaster cases and disaster reduction systems, and have been receiving such information from these countries.

2) Survey of member countries
We organized a tour of three member countries (China, Russia, Papua New Guinea) during this fiscal year to confirm the personnel in charge of disaster reduction in ADRC's counterpart countries, explain the purpose of ADRC's activities, obtain basic information on disaster reduction, and ask for the continued support of member