Flash report on field survey of the 2004 Niigata-ken-chuetsu earthquake


Asian Disaster Reduction Center



On October 23th, 2004, a large earthquake of magnitude 6.8 on Richter scale struck Niigata prefecture in Japan. From October 29th to 30th, ADRC conducted the field survey on the earthquake damage in Niigata. Situation of affected area is as follows.

Derailment of bullet-train, Nagaoka city





Landslide, Nagaoka city




Blocked road by landslide, Ojiya city





Completely collapsed wooden house, Ojiya city











Life up of manhole by liquefaction, Ojiyacity





Heavily damaged store (RC structure), Ojiya city











Emergency damage assessment of buildings, Ojiya city


Results of inspection (3 ranks) are displayed on the front walls as follows.



(1) Sign of safe building                                          (2) Caution of unsafe building 


(3) Notice of limited entry



Road damage by landslide, Ojiya city





Damage to railroad by landslide, Ojiya city











Tent village set up by Self-Defense Forces, Kawaguchi town





First story collapsed wooden house, Kawaguchi town











Completely collapsed wooden house, Kawaguchi town





Bending fracture of bullet-trainfs bridge, Kawaguchi town