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Disaster Information Server
Organization ABSTRACT
OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs) Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs) The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is part of the United Nations Secretariat and has the mandate to coordinate UN assistance in humanitarian crises that go beyond the capacity and mandate of any single humanitarian agency. This homepage contains Emergency Information by Country, Integrated Regional Information Networks, etc.
ReliefWeb ReliefWeb is a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). It provides the information needs of the humanitarian relief of community, such as humanitarian response information on current emergencies and countries of concern, etc.
NGDC (National Geophysical Data Center) (National Geophysical Data Center) NGDC provides long-term stewardship for and access to geophysical data, compiles new, well-documented databases from many sources, and offers value-added data services to researchers and the general public. NGDC acquires and exchanges global data through the World Data Center system and other international programs.
EOC (Earth Observation Center) The EOC research data is provided to regional public organizations, research institutes and universities which utilize it in various fields, such as environmental problem resolution, disaster observation and resource exploration. We can see earth observation data in the internet site. The observation photograph etc. is shown regarding the area with the disaster of earthquake etc.
NASDA Space Development Agency of Japan The National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) was established under the National Space Development Agency Law, to act as the nucleus for the development of space and promote the peaceful use of space. This homepage is offering the various information regarding space science, earth science.
HazardNet HazardNet is a prototype natural and technological hazard information sharing network under development as a collaborative demonstration project of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR). When fully operational HazardNet will consist of the following services: Map of the World ,Operational Service, Informational Service.
California Flood Information CERES (California Enviromental Resources Evaluation System) is to improve environmental analysis and planning by integrating natural and cultural resource information from multiple contributors and by making it available and useful to a wide variety of users. This page includes information about disaster especially flood.
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) The USGS is the science provider of choice in accessing the information and understanding to help resolve complex natural resource problems across the Nation and around the world. In the website the information regarding the various kinds disaster is tidied.
Virtual Disaster Library In 1976, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean asked PAHO to create this technical program to help the health sector to develop a disaster preparedness, response and mitigation program. The homepage contains its publications and training materials etc.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) This page widely provides prediction and research, information of climate and weather . Supervised by Asbury Park Press and science journalist Robert Roy Britt of The Star-Ledger (New Jersey state). The purpose of this site is mainly to offer for citizens latest reliable information about the science such as weather, disaster and universe. Especially the corner of "Q & A"and the explanation of the technical terms are improving. This is a geological section of science search engine( It has a list of volcanos in the world. We are also able to know about earthquake, tsunami & other disasters.

International Organization
Organization ABSTRACT
UNCRD (United Nations Centre for Regional Development) The United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) was founded to help achieve the strategy for the Second United Nations Development Decade, by an agreement between the UN and the Government of Japan. It has formulated integrated projects for "Sustainable Development through Disaster Management".
IFRC(International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's largest humanitarian organization. It has the Disaster Response Section which aims to outline the Federation's approach to disaster response and its work to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance provided to beneficiaries. This homepage provides information of its activities, publications, etc.
Pan American Health Organization The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is an international public health agency with more than 90 years of experience in working to improve health and living standards of the countries of the Americas. It serves as the specialized organization for health of the Inter-American System. It also serves as the Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization and enjoys international recognition as part of the United Nations system. It provides some information about disaster.
American Red Cross Disaster Services "The mission of American Red Cross Disaster Services is to ensure nationwide disaster planning, preparedness, community disaster education, mitigation, and response that will provide the American people with quality services delivered in a uniform, consistent, and responsive manner. Find out how you can prepare your home and family for any kind of disaster. Plus, get the most important tips for each type of disaster-warning information, things you can do today, and how to stay safe during and after a disaster strikes."
ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) This website introduces ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) activities based on the Geneva Mandate on Disaster Reduction adopted at the IDNDR Programme Forum (July 1999).
WMO (World Meteorological Organization) This website provides WMO’s overall functions, programmes, weather information all over the world, etc.

National Organization
Organization ABSTRACT
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Page of Federal Emergency Management Agency, a large-scale American government sponsored disaster institute. Set Stocm Watch for cyclone and tyfoon observation. Widespread information and disaster management explanation are available. Also installed of past data on disaster.
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT CIVIL DEFENCE, New Zealand The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management of New Zealand aims to lead the way in emergency management through:defining the thinking, putting effective systems in place, seeking optimal risk decisions through informed choice building partnerships with communities. The homepage contains information on the most recently declared civil defence emergencies.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan The Ministry of Construction Japan is constantly undertaking research on the development and management of infrastructure (roads, rivers, urban development, sewerage, housing, mapping, etc.). This homepage contains information of its projests, White paper, press release etc.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan has The Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion. This homepage presents many research results and links about earthquake.
JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) JICA is responsible for the technical cooperation aspect of Japan's ODA programs. It has about 1,200 staff members working both in Japan and at its more than fifty overseas offices. In the website we can search their activities and also achievments. Database of country information is excellent.
EMA (Emergency Management Australia) EMA is the Federal agency responsible for reducing the impact of natural and human-caused disasters on the Australian community. It is also the lead agency for coordinating Federal disaster response.
EMERCOM(Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, Russia) This homepage provides information about activities of Ministory of Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster in Russia (described only in Russian). This is the homepage of the academic organization of the science and technology in Cameroon. In the site "ERUPTION VOLCANIQUE DU MONT CAMEROUN", we can see some information about eruption of Mont Cameroun (described only in French).
Cabinet Office We can see the latest information about disaster prevention/disaster in this homepage (described in Japanese).
National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center It is an organization that belonged to NOAA. We can go the site from the page of NOAA. It is in Florida, USA. It is carrying out the prediction and research etc. of hurricane. In the site link is improving very much.
Atlantic oceanograpgic & Meteorological Laboratory . The site will cover the four principal areas of the research at AOML, which are: hurricanes and tropical meteorology, climate, ocean/atmosphere chemical exchanges and the coastal ocean. The appendix contains other, more detailed information, about the programs at AOML.
Bureau of Meteorology Australia The Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology is the National Meteorological Authority for Australia. Her aim is to observe and understand Australian weather and climate and provide meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic services in support of Australia's national needs and international obligations. We can download Annual Report from the site.
Brisbane Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre There are some information offered by the State of Queensland, such as warning of cyclone ,weather forecast etc. We can see Flood Warning Summery in the website.
Office des Postes et Telecommunications This is the page of the Polynesia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. This site provides information about cyclone and El Nino (discribed only in French).
Naval Research Laboratory Monterey USA NRL Monterey is a scientific center in the USA Navy wholly dedicated to atmospheric research. It conducts research and development to provide objective local, regional, and global atmospheric analysis and prediction as well as the development of automated weather interpretation systems to support Naval Operations. We can see some reports and journals in the site.
HongKong Obsservatory The Hong Kong Observatory is a department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It forecasts weather and issues warnings on weather-related hazards. The Observatory also monitors and makes assessments on radiation levels in Hong Kong and provides other meteorological and geophysical services to meet the needs of the public and the shipping, aviation, industrial and engineering sectors.
Tropical Cyclone Center(HongKong) This centre belongs to the HongKong Obsservatory. They are checking the position of cyclone every one hour and update warning information every 15 minutes. They also explain outlines of typhoons for the past 3 years on the site.
THE METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE UK This is a homepage of THE METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE of UK government. It provides not only weather information of principal cities in the world, but also several information & data about cyclon.
Drought Information Center Presented by the State of Pennsylvania. We can see the latest information about drought, Antidisaster Plan of the State etc.
Delaware River Basin Commission Presented by the Comitee for administration of the Delaware River. The comitee is organized by the US Federal Government, the State of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. In the site we can see regulations and plans about administration of rivers, such as anti-drought plans. Link is excellent.
Susquehanna River Basin Commission Presented by the Comitee for administration of the Susquehanna River. The comitee is organized by the US Federal Government, the State of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In the site we can see regulations and plans about administration of rivers, such as anti-drought plans.
USGS Drought Watch Providing Hydrologic Science and Data to Water-Resource Managers and the General Public.
US Environmental Protection Agency Provides additional links to a few of the many sites that address drought planning and management.
New Jersey Drought Information Provided by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. They offer latest information & statistical data about drought in their homepage.
NSW Agriculture Provided by the State Government of New South Wales in Australia. Mainly they offer some information or do research for promoting agricultural industry. We can see information about drought in the site.
Texas Water Development Board Presented by Texas Water Development Board.The TWDB is the state agency charged with statewide water planning and administration of low-cost financial programs for the planning, design and construction of water supply, wastewater treatment, flood control and agricultural water conservation projects.
Maryland Department of the Environment Presented by Maryland Department of the Environment. They offer some information about enviramental protection in the State and about disaster.
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is the advocate for and steward of the state's natural resources. The Department develops and implements policies and programs for the conservation, management, utilization and protection of the state's natural resources based upon scientifically sound resource management, assessment and monitoring, applied research, technology transfer, comprehensive planning, public education, technical assistance and constituent involvement. We can get several useful information about drought.
California State Department of Water Resources Central District Its aims are to manage the water resources of California, in cooperation with other agencies, to benefit the State's people, and to protect, restore, and enhance the natural and human environments.
Santa Clara Valley Water District Providing Wholesale Water Supply and Flood Management to Santa Clara County.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides us some information named "Disaster prevention and Relief" in the homepage.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of Japan In this homepage we can get several useful data about japanese situation of agriculture, forestry and fishery. They also offer information of drought.
Ministry of the Environment This homepage contains many topics about enviromnental problems. By this well-categorized website, we can get useful and latest information.
Kantei (Official Residence) of the Prime Minister of Japan In this website they anounce several issues discussed in the Cabinet and frequently update them. Latest disaster information is also updated.
Foundation of River and Basin Integrated Communications, Japan It was established in 1985 for the purpose of offering the information about flood and sand disaster of rivers/valleys when emergency occures. We can see records, information etc. of disasters on the homepage.
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation project in Volga basin.

Research Institute
Organization ABSTRACT
INCEDE (International Center for Disaster-mitigation Engineering) The International Center for Disaster-Mitigation Engineering (INCEDE) was established in the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of the University of Tokyo, as a national contribution of Japan towards the United Nations IDNDR (International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction). This site contains documents on disasters including floods, earthquakes,etc. especially in the Asian region.
DCRC(Disaster Control Research Center, School of Engineering , Tohoku University, Earthquake division) The Disaster Control Research Center of Tohoku University composed of two laboratoroes, earthquake and tsunami engineerings, was established in June, 1990 and restarted in April, 2000. The tsunami engineering lab. Is studying tsunamis from the engineering point of view.
NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention) The National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) is contributing to the creation of a safe living environment through the development of efficient and dependable technology. This site includes links to its divisions, related institutes etc.
MRI (Meteorological Research Institute,Japan) The Meteorological Research Institute (MRI), as an associate institute of the Japan Meteorological Agency, is engaged in analysing and predicting meteorological, geophysical, hydrological and oceanographic phenomena, as well as developing extensive related technology. We can know its research activity in this homepage.
ERI (Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo) The foundation of the Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo is November 13, in Taisho 14. It has realized basic research of seismology and it is authority of earthquake prediction, of a volcanic eruption plan promotion in Japan. The latest topics regarding the research contents and disaster are introduced. The link collection is improving.
DPRI (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University) The Disaster Prevention Research Institute carries out research on a variety of problems related to the prevention or reduction of natural disasters. The activity, research contents, research organization etc. are introduced in the homepage.
RCUSS (Research Center for Urban Safety and Security,Kobe University) (Research Center for Urban Safety and Security,Kobe University) This organization was established by Kobe University ignited by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. In the site we can see even research contents and information of that disaster .
ADIC (Accident & Disaster Information Center/Waseda Univ.) The specialists of disaster and disaster prevention gather and hold "a disaster case information study meeting" every month. Main topics are about disaster or accident that occurred in past one month. Causes and problems, measures etc. that each member took up are being discussed. They also check and improve the contents of database.
PHIVOLCS(Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) The principal goal of PHIVOLCS is to formulate up-to-date and comprehensive disaster preparedness and loss reduction actions plans for volcanic eruption, earthquake occurrences and related geotectonic processes/phenomena (e.g. faulting, landslides and tsunami) which imprint significant impacts on man and his environment. In the site we can see information about earthquake, its projects, publications etc.
Southwest Volcano Research Centre (SWVRC) SWVRC is doing the research regarding the active volcano. Especially they are disclosing it centering around the technology/method of the prediction of the eruption. They are selling even the book and CD-ROM of the research result.
Geological Survey of Japan They are disclosing the research/information offer regarding the research, earth science of geology. The information and notice board, relation link of a/the volcano are improving very much.
Nordisk Vulkanologisk Institut This site provides information about ongoing subglacial eruption in Vatnajokull, Iceland which started on September 29, 1996. We can see many images of this phenomena in chronological order.
Disaster Prevention and Information Centre, Shizuoka(DiPICS) "DiPICS" was established on the purpose to, heighten people's awareness, advance on disaster countermeasures, striving for an interchange of extensive information and better communications between people on preparation against earthquake
ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION, Japan ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION has taken charge of the subjects of many surveys extending from country, local authorities or private enterprise etc. to, earthquake tectonics, earthquake occurrence prediction, ground shock prediction, assessments of earthquake damage, disaster prevention research etc., physical science/engineering both sides, after establishment, as the public-service corporation in January in 1981. The earthquake survey research promotion headquarters are entrusting the business that is established and support the same promotion headquarters regarding the analysis evaluation of the observation data by earthquake survey research, to the Prime Minister's Office on the basis of the earthquake disaster prevention measure special measure law of implementation on July 18 in 1995. It is able to search it from the name and occurrence area etc. about a main earthquake on HP.
International Sabo Network The International Sabo Network provides the system for officials and engineers of all nationalities, who engage in preventing sediment-related disasters, to share the information about sediment-related disasters and measures.
The Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) NARBO was officially established in February 2004 to promote integrated water resources management (IWRM) in monsoon areas of Asia.

Studies related with Disaster
Organization ABSTRACT
JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers ) The civil engineering society which is located at the center of the civil engineering world is the academics party who had the long tradition that was composed of about 35,000 members who span to various fields or subjects where are related to civil engineering. Even the bulletin etc. of the inquiry commission dispatch by the topics and academy regarding the recent disaster are published to the homepage.
AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan) The Architectural Institute of Japan is the public-service corporation for that which measures the progress progress of the academics, technology, art regarding architecture by member mutual cooperation. The following are published to the homepage and are improving: information of the activity contents, homepage of members, searching service of articles etc.
Architectural Institute of Japan Disaster Investigation Committee The following information is published to the homepage: survey guideline of the earthquake disaster by AIJ, information of a recent earthquake disaster, etc.
ISSS (Institute of Social Safety Science) ISSS thinks the safe problem of local community from the viewpoint of the civil. Researchers, engineers, men of business of various fields cooperate mutually for the solution and do the research regarding the safe problem of the area. Also, it is the purpose to contribute to the improvement of the safety of local community, by offering concrete proposal. The activity contents and newsletter of the academy are disclosed in the website.
SSJ (Seismological Society of Japan) The purpose of this academy are follows: research of each phenomenon that is related to the earthquake and also to inside of the earth, exchange of the knowledge, prevention of the earthquake disaster etc. We can see the contents of publicity magazines. The link collection is improving.
JSNDS (Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science) We can see the activity of the academy and the back number (the abstract) of the learning periodical on this site.
Japan Society of Disaster Nursing The year 1995 is remembered as one beset by the unprecedented tragedies of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Sarin Attack. Even in subsequent years, disasters of all magnitudes have frequently occurred. Those in the nursing profession have played strategic roles in all of these disaster situations. In order to provide a forum for serious discussion regarding the integration of shared intelligence for systematically addressing these issues, they have established the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing. The website provides news and list of publications about Disaster Nursing.
THE VOLCANOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN In this site we can see even latest volcanic activity, Q & A, link etc. in addition to information of the society.

Organization ABSTRACT
CRED (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium) CRED is located within the School of Public Health of the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Brussels. It became a World health Organisation Collaborating Centre in 1980 and has expanded its support of the WHO Global Programme for Emergency Preparedness and Response. In the site we can see the explanation of the project contents and lecture contents. The disaster database is the accumulation for 100 years and is excellent.
Kobe University Department of Engineerling Faculty of Architecture The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering has been established to meet the needs of modern social development. This website provides us some information such as contents of lectures, students' professions after their graduation etc.
Volcano World This page was made by the collaboration of the researchers of the university of America. There are lsting of the volcano that erupted recently, many photographs, and easy introduction of the volcano in the world. Especially the data of the St. Helens volcano of America is detailed.
Tropical Cyclones This page is produced by the Tropical Cyclon Research Team, which belongs to the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Studies of Wisconsin-Madison University. In this page we can observe real-time-data of each region, each country.
University of Hawaii Department of Meteorology This is the homepage of Department of Meteorology,University of Hawaii. It provides not only US weather information but also Tropical weather information of the pacific area.
National Drought Mitigation Center Presented by National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her aim is to develop measures for reducing damage of drought. They emphasize necessity of risk management rather than crisis management. Checking all time the situation of draught in US region. Link is excellent.
Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Presented by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences for the purpose of offering information about drought. From agricultural-supporting viewpoint, they offer many upgraded contents & links.
The Disaster Handbook Presented by the Division of Cooperative Extension of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. From this site we can download a useful handbook of anti-disaster topics including "how to reduce damage to the minimum?", "how to restore after disaster?"and "how to care about regional communities?"etc.
Texas Drought This web site was developed by the faculty of The Texas Agricultural Extension Service and Texas Agricultural Experiment Station to provide information and alternatives that might reduce further losses to the beleagured agricultural industry in Texas. It includes information from these agencies, plus links to other departments at Texas A&M University and other state and national agencies.
Drought in Georgia Provided by University of Georgia、College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. On this site we can see some estimates of the effect which drought causes to regional economy and some other data.
Drought 2000 Presented by Iowa University Extension. It provides weather information, drought information of Iowa.
Volcano Research Center (VRC-ERI, Univ. Tokyo) This is a related organization of ERI. We can get latest information about eruption in this site.
Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page Produced by Michigan Technological University. Offering information of eruption widely to the world, aims to reduce damage of disaster. The site has abundant links to other homepages related to eruption.
Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge This is the site of Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge. They are studying geology and science of the earth on their field North & South Pole. They present results of these studies on this website.
Yamaguchi University It is a well-categorized Graphical Database of disasters related to agriculture, produced by Yamaguchi University.

Organization ABSTRACT
Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan (ECFA) Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan (ECFA) is an association of leading Japanese consulting firms in overseas consulting activities. In this site we can see its research activities, list of publications.
@URL Provided by an internet consultaing firm, @URL New Zealand. We can get several information of volcano Ruapehu.
Weather And Marine Ltd., Japan They provide not only a mere weather forecast but also total observation, analysis & prediction about five special fields(weather, ocean, creature, society environment and system engineering).
Earth Weather Ltd., Japan This company is doing forecast, system construction, observation and consulting about weather. It offers information of various kinds of weather on the homepage.
Weathernews Inc. WNI Science & Engineering is a consultancy providing oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection. As a member of the world-wide Weathernews group of companies, WNI has access to a source of global information, and is world-renowned for its depth of experience and breadth of capability. They have more than 25 years experience in collection, analysis, interpretation and application of metocean data. Their core business activities are: Oceanographic Measurements, Metocean Monitoring Systems, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Environmental Consultancy, and Data Management.

Volunteer Activities
Organization ABSTRACT
NHK Volunteer Net "The NHK volunteer activities net" is a new system entirely. It helps to connect one who wants to join to such activities, to another who needs such person, by some media such as television & radio broadcast, internet etc.
AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) AMDA International (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organisation. AMDA with headquarters in Okayama, Japan and Chapters (branches) all over the world has been involved in humanitarian activities throughout the world. In the homepage we can see the activity of the Association, Tropical Zone medicine database and publication guidance.
The Nordic Volcanological Institute This is a site of an NPO, The Nordic Volcanological Institute, which is organized by Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. We can get some information about volcanos of Northern Europe.
Emergency Network for Atopy and Allergy Assistance
Japan Rescue Association (Only Japanese Page) Introduction on their rescue activities using rescue dogs.
Munasinghe Institute for Development MIND is a private, nonprofit organization, established to play a key role in nuturing communities of scholars and practitioners who will address sustainable development issues worldwide, such as Sri Lanka.
Study group of Tsunami awareness story "Inamura no hi (Fire in the Haystacks)" Introducion of various aspects on "Inamura no hi (Fire in the Haystacks)" story which had been used in the school textbook for Tsunami risk study from 1937 to 1947.

Organization ABSTRACT
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) There are the introduction of NHK such as a program guide and event guidance in the homepage. And there are the information of a recent disaster, recruitment of volunteers etc.
USA Today - Hurricane Information USA Today online newspaper has an information space & a column about hurricane. In this site we can see forecasts or some information of cyclon, tornado, thunder etc.
Weather NET 4 NBC presents us realtime weather information in this site. Also offers weather information around Washington D.C., research contents of El Nino and information about drought.
KENTUCKY DROUGHT OF 1999-2000 This is an article of the homepage( We can know about the serious drought occurred in Kentucky 1999-2000. There are many photos and articles of press in this site. This is an official site of Discovery Channel, a popular TV program of USA. In this site they provide some information about nature or disaster that they've got. Also volcanos that caused a large-scale eruption recently are introduced, linking to related sites.
Search Newspaper Archive Online Newpapere Search Engine

Organization related with ADRC
Organization ABSTRACT
Hyogo Prefectural Government, Japan Hyogo Prefecture has Disaster Management Division in Disaster Management Bureau. We can see the restoration program of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in this website.
UDRI (Urban Disaster Research Institute) This is the incorporated foundation of the National Land Agency, Ministry of Construction authorization. It is tackling with the upgrading, improvement of the antidisaster plan and organization. Also, it is carrying out the various kinds survey research, autonomy consulting etc. regarding the disaster prevention.
SEI (Sumitomo Electric) This site provides Sumitomo Electric's company history, products information etc.

Local Government
Organization ABSTRACT
Hyogo Prefectural Government, Japan Hyogo Prefecture has Disaster Management Division in Disaster Management Bureau. We can see the restoration program of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in this website.
Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Centre This is the page of the introduction of the Kyoto disaster prevention center. We can see the elementary knowledge of disaster prevention and the explanation regarding the history, disaster of the earthquake that are awake now.
Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Information System Provided by Kochi Prefecture Government. You can refer real time information of disaster affected areas, weather, traffic closed area

Organization ABSTRACT The catch phrase is "we support your provision to every crisis". They are offering 119 emergency call information in Tokyo, disaster information etc. in the homepage. Even the online shopping of the rescue article is possible in the site (described only in Japanaese).
Tropical Weather Services, Inc. This is an enterprise in USA which provides risk-management consultation to cyclon. They also realize analysis and forcasting about damage from cyclon. Cattle Today Inc. provides weather information and other useful information for farmers & stockbreeders. Information sources are National Weather Service(IWIN) and Environment Canada. In the site there is special column for discussion about drought.
Italy's Volcanoes "The cradle of volcanology" This site was created and is maintained by Boris Behncke, Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche, Italy. We can observe the information about volcanos of the Italy, including photographs
Explore Italian Volcanoes Presented by Roberto Scandon, who belongs to Dipartimento di Fisica "E. Amaldi" Universita' Roma Tre. He provides several information about volcanos, especially about volcanos in Napoli, Eorie islands and southern Italy.
Weather Tec This enterprise prevides following services: offering weather forecast data, weather lecture, homepage maintenance, weather environment survey, sales of weather measuring device, offering weather data to mass media, local weather prediction of each meteorological observatory announcement.
IMOC This company is doing the weather service by the Internet. We can see typhoon route figure, waves expectation figure etc. (December〜March only), weather forecast, ground/upper air chart, AMeDAS, probability of precipitation figure/snowfall.