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Organization Abstract
CRED (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium) CRED is located within the School of Public Health of the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Brussels. It became a World health Organisation Collaborating Centre in 1980 and has expanded its support of the WHO Global Programme for Emergency Preparedness and Response. In the site we can see the explanation of the project contents and lecture contents. The disaster database is the accumulation for 100 years and is excellent.
Kobe University Department of Engineerling Faculty of Architecture The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering has been established to meet the needs of modern social development. This website provides us some information such as contents of lectures, students' professions after their graduation etc.
Volcano World This page was made by the collaboration of the researchers of the university of America. There are lsting of the volcano that erupted recently, many photographs, and easy introduction of the volcano in the world. Especially the data of the St. Helens volcano of America is detailed.
Tropical Cyclones This page is produced by the Tropical Cyclon Research Team, which belongs to the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Studies of Wisconsin-Madison University. In this page we can observe real-time-data of each region, each country.
Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Presented by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences for the purpose of offering information about drought. From agricultural-supporting viewpoint, they offer many upgraded contents & links.
The Disaster Handbook Presented by the Division of Cooperative Extension of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. From this site we can download a useful handbook of anti-disaster topics including "how to reduce damage to the minimum?", "how to restore after disaster?"and "how to care about regional communities?"etc.
Texas A&M Agricultural Communications This web site was developed by the faculty of The Texas Agricultural Extension Service and Texas Agricultural Experiment Station to provide information and alternatives that might reduce further losses to the beleagured agricultural industry in Texas. It includes information from these agencies, plus links to other departments at Texas A&M University and other state and national agencies.
Drought 2000 Presented by Iowa University Extension. It provides weather information, drought information of Iowa.
Volcano Research Center (VRC-ERI, Univ. Tokyo) This is a related organization of ERI. We can get latest information about eruption in this site.
Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page Produced by Michigan Technological University. Offering information of eruption widely to the world, aims to reduce damage of disaster. The site has abundant links to other homepages related to eruption.
Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge This is the site of Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge. They are studying geology and science of the earth on their field North & South Pole. They present results of these studies on this website.
Yamaguchi University It is a well-categorized Graphical Database of disasters related to agriculture, produced by Yamaguchi University.