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Organization Abstract
JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers ) The civil engineering society which is located at the center of the civil engineering world is the academics party who had the long tradition that was composed of about 35,000 members who span to various fields or subjects where are related to civil engineering. Even the bulletin etc. of the inquiry commission dispatch by the topics and academy regarding the recent disaster are published to the homepage.
AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan) The Architectural Institute of Japan is the public-service corporation for that which measures the progress progress of the academics, technology, art regarding architecture by member mutual cooperation. The following are published to the homepage and are improving: information of the activity contents, homepage of members, searching service of articles etc.
Architectural Institute of Japan Disaster Investigation Committee The following information is published to the homepage: survey guideline of the earthquake disaster by AIJ, information of a recent earthquake disaster, etc.
ISSS (Institute of Social Safety Science) ISSS thinks the safe problem of local community from the viewpoint of the civil. Researchers, engineers, men of business of various fields cooperate mutually for the solution and do the research regarding the safe problem of the area. Also, it is the purpose to contribute to the improvement of the safety of local community, by offering concrete proposal. The activity contents and newsletter of the academy are disclosed in the website.
SSJ (Seismological Society of Japan) The purpose of this academy are follows: research of each phenomenon that is related to the earthquake and also to inside of the earth, exchange of the knowledge, prevention of the earthquake disaster etc. We can see the contents of publicity magazines. The link collection is improving.
JSNDS (Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science) We can see the activity of the academy and the back number (the abstract) of the learning periodical on this site.
Japan Society of Disaster Nursing The year 1995 is remembered as one beset by the unprecedented tragedies of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Sarin Attack. Even in subsequent years, disasters of all magnitudes have frequently occurred. Those in the nursing profession have played strategic roles in all of these disaster situations. In order to provide a forum for serious discussion regarding the integration of shared intelligence for systematically addressing these issues, they have established the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing. The website provides news and list of publications about Disaster Nursing.
THE VOLCANOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN In this site we can see even latest volcanic activity, Q & A, link etc. in addition to information of the society.