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Organization Abstract The catch phrase is "we support your provision to every crisis". They are offering 119 emergency call information in Tokyo, disaster information etc. in the homepage. Even the online shopping of the rescue article is possible in the site (described only in Japanaese). Cattle Today Inc. provides weather information and other useful information for farmers & stockbreeders. Information sources are National Weather Service(IWIN) and Environment Canada. In the site there is special column for discussion about drought.
Italy's Volanoes "The cradle of volcanology" This site was created and is maintained by Boris Behncke, Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche, Italy. We can observe the information about volcanos of the Italy, including photographs
Explore Italian Volcanoes Presented by Roberto Scandon, who belongs to Dipartimento di Fisica "E. Amaldi" Universita' Roma Tre. He provides several information about volcanos, especially about volcanos in Napoli, Eorie islands and southern Italy.
Weather Tec This enterprise prevides following services: offering weather forecast data, weather lecture, homepage maintenance, weather environment survey, sales of weather measuring device, offering weather data to mass media, local weather prediction of each meteorological observatory announcement.
IMOC This company is doing the weather service by the Internet. We can see typhoon route figure, waves expectation figure etc. (DecemberMarch only), weather forecast, ground/upper air chart, AMeDAS, probability of precipitation figure/snowfall.