(As of Wednesday, morning of the 31st July 2002)

Disaster Situation Report

(1) Type of Disaster: Landslide and Flood.
(2) Period: 13th, 21st and, 22nd July 2002.
(3) Where: 41 districts are most affected.
(4) Total Death: 258
(5) Injured: 110
(6) Missing: 58
(7) Total Affected People: 10,214
(8) Houses Destroyed: 9,091
(9) Livestock Damage: 416
(10) Rescue, Relief and Response Part:

The Home Ministry published the notice anybody interested to provide relief assistance to the flood victims could make a call on 053-20987 in the Simara-based liaison office, set up by the government to co-ordinate rescue and relief operations in the central region.
A meeting of the rescue and relief coordination team at Simara decided to ask the government to send medical teams to the flood and landslide affected sites. It also decided to ask the government and the private sector to cooperate with the relief works.
Rescue and relief works are also going on at the affected areas. An army team, under the command of a major, has established a base camp to carry out relief works at most affected Kankada VDC of Makawanpur district. Where 42 people died one place.
The people of five VDCs have begun fleeing their homes after the swollen Bagmati River breached its embankments at several points and entered the villages located close to the riverbanks.


posted by:

Lekh Nath Pokharel
Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs
His Majesty's Government of Nepal