( As of Sunday late night, 28th July 2002)

Disaster Situation

(1) Type of Disaster: Landslide and Flood.

(2) Period: Heavy rain in 13, 21,22 and 27 July 2002.

(3) Where: Thirty four districts are most affected (Central Region is most affected).

(4) Total Death : 236

(5) Injured : 103

(6) Missing : 45

(7) Total Affected People: 7,818

(8) Houses Destroyed: 703

(9) Livestock Damage: 410

(10) Rescue, Relief and Response by Government:

a.. Dry food packets, blankets, tents and medicines had been rushed by helicopters to the most affected areas of
Makawanpur district.
b.. Cleared landslide debris at Krishnavhir to re-open vehicular traffic on the Prithvi Highway this afternoon.
c.. A Central Regional Administrators meeting has adopted in Simra (Central region) this afternoon, with necessary
decisions for the collection of relief goods and reconstruction of destroyed infrastructures ,deploy medical team and
control of epidemic etc.


posted by:

Lekh Nath Pokharel
Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs
His Majesty's Government of Nepal