Disaster Situation in China

Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC
7 September, 2004

Flood hits the provinces of Sichuan and Chongqing


Sichuan Province:

From Sep. 3 to 5, a heavy storm hit the northeast region of Sichuan Basin, including cities of Nanchong, Bazhong, Dazhou, Mianyang, Guangfan, Guangyuan, Yaan, Liangshan. The maximum precipitation of Bazhong City was up to 343.3 mm and Nanchong City up to 236.2 mm. The great rainfall intensity caused water level of rivers rising, some cities and towns inundated. Due to heavy storm, there occurred slide and mud-rock flow in some places.

Up to 9 am on Sep.7, 44 counties of 10 cities in Sichuan Province and 6.74 million people were affected, 79 persons diedA41 people missing, 382,700 were evacuated and 182,400 were besieged by flood. More than 67,000 rooms collapsed and 143,000 rooms were damaged. 7,590 livestock died and about 187,700 hectares of crops were affected, and 37,400 hectares of crops were destroyed completely. 50 villages of 5 counties were besieged by the water and the highest water lever was up to 3 meter. The infrastructure were destroyed seriously, such as transportationAcommunity and electronic. Some enterprise stopped producting and some schools suspended class.

The casualty and damage in Dazhou City is the most seriousCwith 3700,000 persons affected, 34 dead, 38 missing, 985 injured, 182,400 besieged by the floods and 238,700 evacuated; 28,000 housing units collapsed, and 49,000 damaged; 142,600 hectares of crops inundated, and 30,400 hectares destroyed completely; and 7140 livestock dead.

Chongqing Province:

From Sep.4 to Sep.5, alongshore and north of the Changjiang River in Chongqing Municipality were hit by a strong rainfall. The heavy rain made cities of Kaixian, Wanzhou, Yunyang, Wuxi, Chengkou, Bishan, Yubei, Beibei, Hechuang, Qijiang into disaster and Kaixian was the most serious area. Up to 9 am on Sep.7, 19 counties of Chongqing Province and 1,586,000 people were affected. 34 persons died, 33 missing, and 180,800 were evacuated. More than 42,800 rooms collapsed and 290,700 rooms were damaged. About 160,800 hectares of crops were affected, and 44700 hectares of crops were destroyed completely.

[National Response]

After the disaster occurred, Zhang Zuoha, the vice nomarch of Sichuan, and Chen Guangguo, the vice mayor of Chongqing Municipality, respectively lead workgroups including civil affairs and other related sections to the site in time for condoling victims.

The central government, and Sichuan province and Chongqing Municipality government at all levels have made necessary relief arrangements as follows:
-- CNY64,000,000 emergency fund
-- 2,000 tents
-- 5,000 quilt
-- 50 ton foodstuff

At present, intensity of rainfall is becoming weak, and the disaster relief work is fulfilled in order. The victims and the social environment are steadily .