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Activity Report

IRP and ADRC Jointly Organized a Side Event at the 4AMCDRR in Incheon, Korea

irp SE.JPG25-28 October 2010 (Incheon, Korea)

The Side Event "A Tool for Better Recovery: Introduction to Guidance Notes on Climate Change Adaptation in Recovery" was held on 27 October at Song-do ConvensiA, Incheon, Korea. It explored how DRR-CCA could be incorporated in recovery process to enhance resilience to disasters.

Raising awareness and building capacities for DRR-CCA were among the key issues discussed. Experiences from Hyogo Prefecture, the Maldives, Nepal, and the Philippines were presented to further disseminate lessons and initiatives in addressing identified recovery issues and gaps. Many new initiatives such as computer hazard graphics maps, climate-proofing infrastructures, raising awareness on Himalayan ecology, and law on mainstreaming climate change in policy formulations were presented.

The event had drawn two key recommendations from the participants. First, a wide variety of tools are available for integrating DRR, CCA, and recovery. Improved dissemination of these tools will enhance the resilience of governments and communities. Second, capacity building on integrating CCA, DRR, and recovery can improve dissemination of the tools. Thus, participants reiterated the need for enhancing capacity for recovery in governments and communities. Additionally, financing options for use of recovery tools need to be further explored.(2010/11/22 14:20)

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