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Activity Report

15th ACDM Meeting and 4th ACDM+3SOM

acdm meeting.JPG11-12 March 2010 (Singapore)


 As a partner organization, ADRC participated in the 15th Meeting of ACDM and 4th ACDM+3 Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in Singapore.

One of the highlights of ACDM meeting, 11 March 2010, was the turnover of chairmanship from Myanmar to the Philippines. Under the new chair, ACDM aims to achieve two major objectives for 2010: (i) the implementation of AADMER Work Programme for 2010-2015 and (ii) the establishment and operationalization of AHA Centre.

During ACDM+3SOM, 12 March 2010, representatives from Government of Japan re-announced its assistance to ASEAN's efforts in Disaster Reduction under the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) which focus on (i) enhancing ASEAN's capacity for emergency response to large-scale disaster based on the AADMER, (ii) supporting the improvement of the disaster prevention ability of AHA Centre and construction of the disaster information and communication system that allows the utilization of satellite, and (iii) implementing the following four (4) projects through the activities of ADRC:
 • Promotion of Disaster Education in Schools
 • Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management
 • Utilization of Satellite Image on Disaster Management, and
 • Development of Web-based GLIDE Associated Disaster Event Databases for ASEAN

In the ACMD+SOM, ADRC made a presentation on the progress of above four (4) on-going ASEAN Cooperation Projects implemented by ADRC and expressed continuous support for the iplementation of the cited JAIF projects.

(2010/03/23 17:30) 


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