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Thailand : Flood : 2002/10/04
GLIDE: FL-2002-000629-THA  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2002/10/04
Name Flood
Outline Residents of the Thai capital, Bangkok, are bracing themselves for severe flooding following forecasts that floodwaters coming from the north of the country where more than 100 people have died could submerge the city.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.1 2002/10/10
Dead: 128 people
Injured/ill: 62 people

Affected: 3,289,358 people from 891,290 households
Evacuated: 31,772 people from 14,351 households
8,881 roads, 355 bridges, 994 dams/weirs, 526 drainage canals damaged.

Destroyed: 1,030 houses
Damaged: 63,303 houses
1,453 government buildings, temples and schools affected.
BBC NEWS 2002/10/06
Death: 39 people
Affected: Half a million people
Evacuated:more than 5000 peole
Damaged : 3000 homes

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