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Tajikistan : Landslide : 2014/04/12
GLIDE: LS-2014-000051-TJK 
Satellite Images (Sentinel Asia): ERSECR000196 DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2014/04/12
Name Landslide
Outline Six children were killed when a mudslide engulfed houses in a mountain village in the Shuroabad region of Tajikistan on 12 April 2014, and at least seven others are missing.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • UN Country Team in Tajikistan 2014/05/29
    Heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides in several districts of Tajikistan between April 11 to May 18, 2014. A reported total of 20 people died due to the floods. More than 400 households were affected.
  • UN Country Team in Tajikistan 2014/04/30
    Additional heavy rains that have occurred from 24 to 25 April 2014 hampered the debris removal process of the affected communities. 16 people were killed and 37 people were injured.
  • IFRC 2014/04/22
    According to the initial rapid assessment 256 families (1,536 people) were affected by the flood.
  • AFP 2014/04/13
    Tajikistan mud slide kills six children
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