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Brazil : Mud Slide : 2007/01/05
GLIDE: MS-2007-000004-BRA  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2007/01/05
Name Mud Slide
Outline At least 24 people died in mudslides and more than 8,300 were left homeless this week following heavy rain in southeast Brazil, with the death toll likely to rise as the hunt for bodies goes on, the Civil Defense said on Friday.

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  • 2007/01/07
    The death toll from heavy rains in Brazil reached 31.Floods and mudslides have driven thousands of people from their homes over the past week, and more rain was forecast for the weekend.
  • 2007/01/06
    Most of the deaths occurred in Rio de Janeiro state when shacks built illegally on steep slopes surrounding mountainous towns were swept away.